Temp’s contract expired? He can still sue you

Temporary workers can still sue even if they no longer work for you because their contracts expired and weren’t renewed.

Recent case: Mark, who is black and Native American, started work for Vivo on a six-week temporary con­tract. Shortly after starting, a supervisor told him he might be rehired on a six-month basis. Then Mark got into an argument with another supervisor about the project he was working on. After the incident, Vivo declined to extend his contract.

He sued, alleging the reason was race discrimination and that he had endured a hostile work environment.

Fortunately for the company, the case was dismissed when Mark was unable to point to any specific instances of racially hostile behavior, slurs or other obviously hostile acts. (Adams v. Vivo, et al., No. C-12-01854, ND CA, 2012)