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Job descriptions: Why you need ’em, how to write ’em

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in Centerpiece,HR Management,Human Resources

job descriptionFederal labor law requires HR professionals to do a lot of different things. Writing job descriptions is not one of them.

Because this arduous task is optional, many organizations skip right over it. That’s not wise. There are many practical and legal reasons to draft (and up­­date) job descriptions for each position:  

Reason 1: They help you defend against discrimination claims. If an applicant says you rejected him because of his race or gender, you can show a court you rejected him because he didn’t meet all the qualifications.

Note: You may be lucky enough to have a situation where multiple applicants meet the minimum qualifications for the job. So how do you break the tie? It is perfectly legal to base the decision on unwritten criteria, even a gut feeling. But it’s better to base the decision on criteria that’s already listed in the job description (which may not have been listed in the job ad).

Reason 2: They help de...(register to read more)

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