The effects of stress on workplace performance

Stressors like workload, people issues, lack of work/life balance and job insecurity can cause a dip in productivity at work, according to ComPsych’s 2012 Stress Pulse survey.

Effect of stress on daily productivity

   41% lose 15 to 30 minutes of productivity a day

   36% lose one hour or more each day

   23% report their productivity is not affected by stress

Effect of stress on attendance

   55% miss one or two days a year to stress

Difficult People D

   29% miss three to six days a year

   16% miss more than six days a year

Effect of stress on effectiveness

   46% come to work one to four days per year when too stressed to be effective

   30% show up that way five or more days per year

   24% say stress does not influence their effectiveness

Effect of personal tasks on daily ­productivity

   41% lose less than 30 minutes a day to personal tasks

   40% lose 30 minutes a day

   19% lose more than an hour a day

Source: ComPsych Stress Pulse survey, October 2012