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Writing performance reviews: Details will save the day

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

employee performance evaluationWhen it comes time to writing performance evaluations, it’s best to stay away from broad generalizations about the employee’s work. Generic observations that lack detail will frustrate employees and reduce the chance that employees will make the necessary changes.

Instead, provide concrete examples that support your stated performance rankings. Citing examples helps drive home your points, motivate employees and, as you’ll see later, even defend against legal complaints. Keeping a performance log throughout the year can help you compile these specific examples (see box below).

Use the following guidelines to help write evaluations:

1. Cite specific examples of employee performance—both positive and negative.

Wrong: “Alex doesn’t get his work in on time.”

Right: “Over the last year, Alex has submitted six of eight customer reports that were two to three days late.”

Wrong: “Alex’s reports are thorough.”

Right: “Alex’s repor...(register to read more)

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