The HR I.Q. Test: October ’12

1. The I-9 form expired on Aug. 31. What do the feds say you should do now to verify new hires’ immigration status?

   a.    Keep using the expired form until a new one is published

   b.    Stop completing I-9s until a new form is published

   c.    Design your own form with the new I-9 Creator app

2. What are the top two reasons, in order, people leave their jobs?

Tough Talks D

   a.    Low pay, lack of respect from manager

   b.    Poor benefits, low pay

   c.    Limited career opportunities, lack of respect from manager

3. The top three biggest problems, in order, facing small business owners, according to a new major survey:

   a.    Health insurance costs, economic uncertainty, energy costs

   b.    Economic uncertainty, taxes, health insurance costs

   c.    Taxes, health insurance costs, energy costs

4. Which political party’s platform argues that “the right to organize and collective bargaining is a fundamental value”?

   a.    Republican

   b.    Democrat

   c.    Tea

5. What percentage of workers age 50 and above plan on remaining in their ­current jobs until retirement?

   a.   46%     

   b.   77%     

   c.   85%

6. The federal Age Discrimination in ­Employment Act (ADEA) makes it unlawful to discriminate against employees or applicants who are ___ or older.

   a.   45     

   b.   50     

   c.   40


Sources: 1.; 2. Manpower survey; 3. National Federation of Independent Business ­annual survey; 4. Democratic party platform; 5. AARP/SHRM survey; 6.

Answers:      1.  a      2.  c      3.  a      4.  b      5.  b      6.  c