Slackers need not apply to New Jersey training company

The owners of interactive training company Red Nucleus make it a point to hire only what they call “passionate” employees. In fact, its website uses bold language to warn off would-be applicants who “go into work every day, go through the motions and go home.” It advises them: “You’re not our type.”

And it promises: “Once you become part of the Red Nucleus family, you won’t want to leave.”

The Hamilton, N.J., firm’s teleworkers stay in the loop by joining the company’s founders for a private lunch before each quarterly meeting. Those who work on site in the office have a say in how it’s decorated and furnished.

The owners’ goal: Instill a sense of ownership among employees by allowing them to make decisions and know their input is valued, the execs say.

Contact: Tracy Budge, (609) 475-1107.

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