Energy firm workers stay fit with scuba

Oklahoma City is a long way away from the ocean, but Chesapeake Energy Corp. encourages employees to stay healthy by taking scuba diving lessons.

The push is part of the company’s “Living Well” program, which pays employees up to $1,000 a year for improving their health through exercise and education.

About 50 of the company’s 2,000 employees at headquarters have taken diving lessons. They pay $200 for the classes, and the company pitches in for the study guide. Employees who participate earn points toward their $1,000 incentive.

The scuba class is one of an extensive list of courses offered at the organization’s 4,000-square-foot fitness center, along with ballet, aerobics and flying lessons.

“Through the classes we offer, everyone has a chance to earn some of the money even if they aren’t in good health or don’t exercise,” said Martha Burger, senior VP of human and corporate resources, who took the diving class.

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