Staff event invitation ideas

Question: I recently was put in charge of organizing an event for the staff that would have us bring in our baby pictures and guess who is in each picture. I would like to make it fun so everyone will want to participate. Does anyone have any ideas of what to say on the invitation?

Thanks! — Debi


We have a baby contest at the company I work for. Staff submits baby pictures and it is made available to all employees to guess the employee. If more than one person guesses correctly, there is a drawing from amongst the correct guesses. The winner received a $15 gift card. If there are no correct guesses the person submitting the picture receives the $15 gift card.

How about ‘You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby So, Why Not Show It To EVERYONE?! We are holding a ‘Who Am I Now’ contest and invite everyone to bring in a baby picture of yourself. Don’t show your pictures around – let’s keep the true identity a mystery! Turn your pictures in to __________ by __________ and all baby photos will be posted __________ on __________ (list location). We will have a sheet for everyone that wants to participate, to list their guesses on. The person who gets them all right (or the most right guesses)will receive _______. The results of the contest will be held on _____________.’

We did something very similar at my company a couple of years ago and everyone had fun.

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We did this a couple of years ago as part of our summer “Hot Weather Crazies”. Everyone submitted a baby picture of themselves to one person who kept track of who was who. The pictures were copied and then posted on a bulletin board and everyone had the morning to make their guesses. We all met later in the day for animal crackers and juice boxes and compared lists. The winner (most correct guesses) won a gift card to a local store. We have done other events to lighten up the hot summers, such as the “Bizarre Bazaar” where everyone brought in something strange that they have collected over the years. Prizes were given for oldest coin, weirdest hobby/collection, and the ONE thing that NO ONE can identify. One of the best events was Silly Hat Day. Have fun.

I don’t have a suggestion for an invitation, but wanted to pass this on anyway. We did this several years ago as part of a staff holiday luncheon. We asked participants to bring in baby photos from their childhood holiday/Christmas celebrations. I scanned the photos (at home since I didn’t have an office scanner at the time) and put them all into 2 PowerPoint presentations, with alternating red and green backgrounds – one presentation was without names and the 2nd one included the names, and each slide was numbered. I then set up the presentation to cycle continuously during our luncheon. Staff were given a sheet to guess the names for each numbered slide, then the results were shown after everyone was done eating. I don’t recall what the prize was, but looking at the pics and guessing who they were was a lot of fun!

We had a baby picture contest as part of our United Way campaign. There was a $2 entry fee, part of which went to the United Way and part funded the prize for the contest winner. We sent around an email to everyone in the office. Our Marketing Department designed a poster and contest form, as well as the email inviting people to send pictures. We sent the poster and form around electronically, but also posted it on company bulletin boards in places where everyone gathers (like the lunchroom). The posters on the bulletin boards generated a lot of interest. If you have trouble getting people to submit pictures, maybe someone who is higher up in the company could send around a memo endorsing your contest. The people at our firm who participated really enjoyed this. Hope your company does, too!