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Looking for the perfect Rolodex

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by on
in Admin Pro Forum

Question: I'm trying to find an essential tool I use every day and can't find it anywhere, and am hoping my fellow admins might be able to help me.

I have accumulated well over 600 3" x 5" Rolodex cards over the years. My problem is, I have room for only 500 on my open "flip"-style Rolodex. I've had to start rubber-banding the extras together or they all fall out whenever I need a phone number or address.

I would prefer a rotary metal Rolodex (the metal ones with a knob you twist around to the card you need).

The only 1,000-card Rolodexes I can find are:

1. A rotary one with MUCH smaller cards. (I'm not going to retype all 600 cards just so they fit on the new 2 1/4" x 4" cards!)

2. A 1,000-card "open file" holder like the one I have.

Does anyone know of a rotary-style Rolodex holder that holds 1000-plus 3" x 5" Rolodex cards?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.  -- Busy Executive Assistant, Rochester, N.Y.


Its 2006 use the resources of your computer. Have you ever heard of Contacts in Micro Outlook?

Definately use your contacts in Outlook. Paperless workstations are much more efficient. Understanding that it will take time to get everything copied over into electronic format but it really is the only way to go. Try it you will love it.

"Get with it," everyone works differently and your comment was rude. I myself use Outlook contacts but some people are "tactile" and work better with the old fashion tools. Good luck, "Busy," I hope more helpful people reply.

Outlook is great, but it doesn't hurt to have a paper backup in case of a computer going down, or God forbid crashing. I know what you're looking for but haven't seen one in years. Have you contacted Rolodex directly to see if they might have one?

I highly suggest that you use MS Outlook to keep track of your Contacts. You can search quickly and easily to find the information that you need. It also helps to keep your desk looking more efficient and professional.

Typing your contacts into MS Outlook would be a good job for a Summer Intern or an Office Assistant if your company employs extra help. Good luck.

Check out www.eonop.com. In their catalog they have a Rolodex that holds 1000 cards.

Get CardScan 600cx. Your contact information will be stored in electronic roledex and contacts can be transferred to Outlook also; it keeps an image of the card front/back.

Try www.eway.com, I know they have the 3"x5" rolodex for 500 cards I'm sure they will have it for 1,000.....

Go electronic. I aggre, get the card scan, you'll wonder how you got by without one!

I had the same problem a couple of years ago. I too love to use the old fashion rolodex, it's faster sometimes.

I understand you don't want to type all 600 on smaller cards. But, would you consider typing the information on labels (address labels) instead of directly on each card? It is definitely faster (that's what I did). I used Avery 5660 labels (clear ones) and customized it to my liking.

Good luck.

Maybe you could use 2 rolodexs. One A-K and the other L-Z or something of that nature.

In our city, we have lots of huge thrift stores and they have EVERYTHING, including outdated office supplies. If you can't order what you want, try cruising through them a few times. You might get lucky. P.S. They're also great for blue jeans, used CDs, and filling in your china service!

If you like what you have and space is available, get another one and split the alphabet (A-L and M-Z) - this gives you plenty of room to grow. I use Outlook but print certain categories quarterly to overt those possible computer down times. Good Luck.

Rolodex doesn't make a wheel that large for the size card you want. You could always use 2 wheels and split your cards alphabetically. I have to agree with the others, try electronic, you may like it.

Get up with technology and use your contacts in outlook. You can get a cardscan and export into your contacts in outlook.

I saw on Quill.com that they have a rolodex that you are talking about and hold 1,000. I did not see one that held anymore than that.

Thank you for you question and I am going to see with all the responses you got and try the MS Outlook. Hopefully, I will figure it out.

Thanks everyone!


Here is a link that you can check out: 1)http://www.shopping.com/xPC-1_000_Card_Open_Vip_Card_File_1_000_3x5_Cards_40_Guides_Black

It is not a rotary, but it does hold 1000 3x5 cards

I just wanted to suggest sticking with a physical Rolodex. The reason I like having my physical one, not on a computer, is that as an Admin, people ask me for someone's phone number or address and it's much easier to just give them the Rolodex card as opposed to finding the number in Outlook or whichever program you might use and then writing it down. You can just give them the paper and they can return it.
I would also like to express to 'Get with it' that this is a forum for Admins to help each other, not ridicule someone for asking for help. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.

I just looked online and didn't see anything except what you have already found. Here's a thought: Maybe you could get TWO rotary-style Rolodexes. That way, you get twice the capacity (you could put A-M in the first Rolodex, and N-Z in the second). Would take up more desk space, but would still be in the style you like.

(By the way, I agree that the comments made by "Get With It" were rude. There's no need to be unkind - this forum exists for us to help each other, not criticize how other people do things.)

I use both my rolodex cards and Outlook contacts. I have a Model 3500-S which sounds exactly like what you're looking for (had it for about 15 years). Contact Rolodex in Syracuse, NJ. Good Luck!

If you prefer the tactile method, use two rolodexes as already suggested. Or, take an honest look at those contacts you have in your rolodex, figure out which ones are actually current and which ones can be archived in something like a 'recipe' box. Review and update annually.

That said, I agree with the previous respondents and strongly recommend switching to MS Outlook. You may have 500 cards and a tight system for keeping them, but people move, change telephone numbers, change emails, etc....God made only so much white-out.

It is healthier for you and your company to stay relatively up-to-date in basic computing and best practices. No need to reinvent any wheels. Good luck!

I can understand your frustration. I used to go through the same thing, and I would split the cards into two stacks and used two rolodex files. That was several years ago. Currently, I enter all the information into my Lotus Notes address book. It is so much faster to type and also to find who I'm looking for. I wish you good luck in your search.

Dear Busy Lady,

i found this website for you but it is not the kind that you can turn a knob and flip it. There use to be one out in the market that was a double and it was huge, found one in my office when I first started here.

I would suggest however you use Microsoft Outlook if you have it. that is where I keep all my contacts, however I do have a backup rolodex in case the system crashes at work. just a thought.


check this website out if you want to see the one I am taking about.


I'm a tactile person, too, so I was relatively hesitant to give up my rolodex cards. But now, I have gone electronic. I have all my contacts in my PDA, but I also print out my address book about once a quarter. I keep the printout in a binder on my desk for quick reference because as you said, it is sometimes easier and quicker to just go to something that's already printed out.

Try this link. It claims to hold 1,000 cards.


Open Rotary Card File, 1000 2-1/4 x 4 Cards, 40 Guides, Black Finish

I used a binder that was specific for business cards, over a period of time it was too hard to keep everything in order, and the Rolodex cards flip out when the holder got too full.

We use ACT database software and it's wonderful, you can pull up a contact by, first name, last name, city, state, telepohne number, id status, sort by groups, tickler symbol, company, email address and other fields that you define.

I hope this information is helpful!


I found a website that has a rolodex that holds 1000 3x5 cards. The website is InstaOffice and the product code is ROL67047. Hope this helps

I agree to start utilizing outlook. Outlook is also compatible with pocket pcs and palm pilots. Once I incorporated this feature to my boss, I very rarely ever use paper contact anymore. I have a few business cards on my desk only because I have been to busy to enter them. Typing data into Outlook is not as cumbersome as one might think.

I don't know what kind so business you are in, but where I am, we are on a list of potential business that will take those who have to complete community service hours. I got a lot of adminstrative work caught up going that route. They are always dependable to. They have to do it and want to be done with it sooner rather later. Or get a summer helper for a month, you will be glad once it's in outlook.

If the lady has a system that works for her, then she should keep it. I wish I had a system for some of the things that I need help with.

I have a suggestion for the person who mentioned that they take the rolodex card and give it to the person to copy instead of writing down the computer contact information on a piece of paper. Did you know that you can print those contacts? That is what I do when someone is looking for a certain person. I'll print that one contact or I'll email them the contact card.

Good luck on finding what you are looking for! :)

'Get with it' that was very rude of you to put that out there!!!! Everyone does not have the technology savvy that you SUPPOSELY have or want to have it on computer for that matter. First of all I agree with the previous writer who indicated this is a site for us to help and assist not to embarrass or put down our own!!! I truly hope that you don't have that same type of "put down attitude" in your current position and if you do you probably need to check yourself. Now yes my comment was a little harsh and definitely to the point!

Busy Executive Assistant,

I currently have two large rolodex on my desk and I utilize the rolodex.com website to find mine. I hope you good luck with your search. I would also recommend that you do have it done electronically in case someone in the company needs a running list of contacts or a mass mailing done it would be easier for you to send electronically. That was a good suggestion about having a summer intern to input your rolodex into a computer program. Even if it is in Excel you can still export for easy mass mailings or just forwarding to another party.

Good luck to you!!

What a united force we are!!! 30 responses for a really good question - and so many ideas from everyone. You go girls!!

I am a former Mac person with addresses in Hypercard (oh, sigh, a great program). In order to accomodate both Mac and PC I set up a FileMaker Pro database for addresses. The key thing about this program is that I can type one word and it's up in a flash. You can create how you want to format your info. I keep so many things other than addresses in this database. Love it!

You've got lots of great infomation to choose from. Good luck. JoAnn

My company does not use Outlook so here is what I use. My boss has a Palm Pilot that is also his phone. I have loaded the Palm software on my computer for all his appointments, addresses, etc but then have also set myself up as a separate user even though I don't have a Palm. I type in all my information and always have up to date information. I make sure to print this out on a regular basis just in case of computer failure.

Dear Busy Executive:
I understand you completely, when something works for you for so long you stick to it. Nevertheless, I must agree that I too had to switch to the new technology - and it has worked even better! You see, there's a lot more to it than just finding your contacts (alphabetically) in an instant. You decide whether you file them by last name or company name. In MS Outlook you can have more info than you do on a 3 x 5 card, believe me. (I suggest you take a tour of MS Outlook in www.microsoft.com) In my business I use the "Category" to view contacts by projects, type of profession (i.e. lawyers. engineers, etc.) I have over a 1200 contacts and if I need to view only the ones pertaining a certain project I select them by filtering the current view by that project. Plus, if I need to write a letter or email for a contact I select what ever option I need. Oh, and of course, I print out a copy of my Contacts every quarter just in case. I'm nothing without my contacts! Good luck.

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