8 signs you work with a deadbeat

Deadbeats suck the life out of every­one around them. They may sometimes be hard to identify, and they’re even harder to publicly label once found.

But the blogger behind “HR Fish­bowl” says that deadbeats impact the productivity and “cultural fortitude” of an organization.

According to the blogger, you’re a deadbeat employee if you:

  1. Blow off company events.
  2. Ignore internal and external press about your organization.
  3. Take little interest in what your co-workers’ long-term aspirations are—professionally and personally.
  4. Bad-mouth your employer in public.
  5. Couldn’t spout off at least one in­­­teresting fact about every co-worker you’ve ever worked with.
  6. Refer to your employer as “the” company rather than “our” company.
  7. Volunteer for nothing.
  8. Refuse to accept employment as a two-way proposition.

What do you think? Are these the qualities of a deadbeat co-worker? Or are the HR Fishbowl’s expec­tations way too demanding? Let us know at admineditor@BusinessManagementDaily.com.