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That’s a lot of bread! Bimbo to settle for $3.75 million

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in Small Business Tax Deduction Strategies

Current and former drivers of Bimbo Bakeries USA who sued the company for allegedly breaking California’s meal and rest break laws are now offering to settle for $3.75 million.

In the original action, drivers also charged Bimbo Bakeries with violating the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay them overtime.

According to the drivers, the bakery didn’t even have a meal or rest period policy until August of 2004. That’s when it began requiring drivers to sign a weekly meal and rest break acknowledgment form certifying the breaks they took the previous week. The drivers say the forms failed to specify whether the meal periods were taken in the first five hours of the workday and whether the breaks were uninterrupted, as required by California law.

Bimbo Bakeries’ payroll data show that the settlement could include as many as 2,470 current and former drivers who worked for the company since February 2001.

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