Lost license, lost job? That means no unemployment

An employee who knows his job requires him to maintain a valid driver’s license is not eligible for unemployment compensation if he is fired because he loses his license.

Recent case: Troy Florexil was employed as a field technician and drove a company vehicle to work sites. He had an accident while driving the company vehicle, and had also received a citation for driving while intoxicated. As a result, the state suspended his driver’s license. Because his employer had no other positions open that didn’t require a license, he lost his job.

Florexil applied for unemployment compensation benefits, but was rejected. When he appealed, the court decided that losing his driving privileges amounted to a voluntary resignation because Florexil’s own actions caused the suspension. (Florexil v. Board of Review, No. A-4327-09T3, Superior Court of New Jersey, 2011)