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Smaller organizations often have little or no budget to train their management teams. But no budget doesn’t have to mean no training. HR can encourage managers to take free online management courses.

Several colleges offer Opencourseware (OCW) courses. These are free online non-credit versions of for-credit classes originally taught on campus. The OCW courses typically include many of the same materials—lecture notes, assignments, exams and syllabi—used in original on-campus classes.

Here are some of the best free training resources:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s OCW website (www.ocw.mit.edu) provides several business and management courses. Examples: Undergrad courses in People & Organizations and Organizational Management. Graduate courses include Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy, Communication for Managers and Business Analysis Using Financial Statements. Go to http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/sloan-schoo...(register to read more)

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