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Creating and motivating a superior, loyal staff

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers,Management Training

by Linda Galindo

It’s not quite clear to me why it took a recession for organizations to rid their staffs of employees who weren’t pulling their weight. Finally, the air is being let out of this balloon—and you probably knew which people your organization needed and which it didn’t, way before the economy turned south.

Maybe you didn’t have the ear of your company’s top execs pre-2008—but you’ve most likely got it now. More than any other time I can remember in my 20 years as a consultant, your CEO needs your guidance on the issue of staffing.

Now that you have a leaner staff, you’ve probably been helping your organization change the way those employees work, striving for more efficiency and productivity without making staff feel overwhelmed. The recession has given you a huge opportunity to make a difference for your organization.

Make yourself accountable for keeping your organization running efficiently without unn...(register to read more)

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