Punch up your résumé with these 20 words

Every résumé should contain strong action verbs that kick off most bullet points and accomplishment-based statements, says Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, CEO of Great Resumes Fast.

“Please do yourself—and every hiring manager out there—a favor,” she tells Careerealism.com. “Do not start your sentences with ‘Responsible for,’ ‘Worked with’ or any other opening that lacks punch.”

Instead, shoot for words that jump off the page. You’re trying to captivate, not lull.

Could your résumé use sprucing up? Take a look at Hernandez’s favorite action words—and give your résumé a makeover:

• Captivated

MGR Handbook D

• Championed

• Directed

• Exceeded

• Formulated

• Generated

• Intensified

• Leveraged

• Masterminded

• Maximized

• Mentored

• Optimized

• Orchestrated

• Pioneered

• Proliferated

• Recaptured

• Re-engineered

• Rejuvenated

• Spearheaded

• Structured

Bonus tip: Look beyond this list, suggests Hernandez. You can find more examples on Hernandez’s web site, which compiles examples of captivating resumes: www.greatresumesfast.com. Or use the synonym feature in Microsoft Word to find a strong word that conveys action, results and accomplishments.