How internationally savvy are you?

Quiz yourself to see how much you know about international business etiquette:

1.    To end a meeting in Asia, it’s important to:

a.    Be punctual.

b.    End the meeting early.

c.    Go with the flow.

Answer: c

Americans are generally sticklers for keeping meetings on time. But international colleagues are a bit more flexible, says Duncan Crundwell of People Going Global. “Asians never think the meeting will finish at 12. If it’s going well, we can keep going.”

2.    For meetings with a Middle Eastern executive, one should:

a.    Start business discussion immediately.

b.    Stick to work-related topics.

c.    Engage in small talk to build rapport.

Answer: c

In Asia and the Middle East, personal relationships and rapport are crucial to getting things done. Allow time for small talk, and avoid business talk during after-hours outings, cultural trainers say.

3.    When communicating with colleagues in India:

a.    Keep e-mails brief and direct.

b.    Be bottom-line driven.

c.    Understand that delivering bad news is difficult for them.

Answer: c

Indian colleagues may not be comfortable with aggressive Western styles of communication.

— Adapted from “Global companies find cultural training is more than etiquette,” Roger Yu, USA Today.