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Game-Changing Leadership Secrets From a Celebrity Assistant

Date/Time: June 30, 2015 1:00pm – 2:15pm
When assistants are empowered to speak up and take the lead in collaboration with their managers, the potential for increased productivity and professional growth is limitless. Learn More.

Presentations Steve Jobs Style

Date/Time: July 1, 2015 1:00pm – 2:15pm
Widely considered one of the most gifted presenters ever, Jobs understood how to deliver memorable speeches in a seemingly effortless, engaging manner. His conversational tone, simple yet compelling word choice and masterful use of slides and other props helped reinforce his message in winning ways. Learn More.

Mastering Excel Lists and Databases

Date/Time: July 2, 2015 1:00pm – 2:15pm
If you spend hours every day tracking, analyzing and maintaining databases, this webinar is for you. We’ll show you a few secrets to working with Excel lists and databases that will turn those hours into minutes. Learn More.

Emily Post’s Guide to Business Etiquette for the 21st Century

Date/Time: July 7, 2015 1:00pm – 2:15pm
Business etiquette expert (and Emily’s great-great-granddaughter) Anna Post will present a fast-paced, informative guide to how manners (good AND bad) can impact morale … staff turnover … and your bottom line. Learn More.

8 Techniques for Managing Your Time

Date/Time: July 8, 2015 1:00pm – 2:15pm
If you’re frequently stressed because you can’t seem to impose a little order on the chaos you face on a daily basis, then maybe it is time to declare war on distractions, interruptions, clutter, and all the time-robbers you encounter at work—and at home. Learn More.

Excel Focus on Formulas

Date/Time: July 9, 2015 1:00pm – 2:15pm
You know that Microsoft® Excel® crunches numbers extremely well. But did you know that more than half of Excel users never learn how to use 9 out of 10 of its most powerful features? If you don’t have a good foundation for the way formulas work, then you use only a small part of Excel’s amazing capabilities. Learn More.

The Magnetic Manager: Becoming the Best Boss You Can Be

Date/Time: July 10, 2015 1:00pm – 2:15pm
This webinar is packed with practical, take-home information to immediately power-boost your management skills so you can become the boss no employee wants to leave. Learn More.
Just one bad apple is all it takes to infect the entire workforce and demoralize everybody. Don’t let things go too far — learn how to put a strategy in place to combat negativity. Learn More.
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