Keyboard Shortcuts

Trust Business Management Daily to provide Windows shortcuts that let you get your work done in a fraction of the time.

By using these shortcut keys, you’ll do more than simply save time. You’ll also cut down on the number of errors you’d otherwise make by typing the same thing over and over again.

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A few tips to help you work better in Word.
A few tips to help you work better in Excel.
A few tips to help you work better in PowerPoint.
Some shortcuts work the same across many Office applications, including OneNote.
Operate Google Docs with your keyboard alone  ... Get the right-click menu without any clicking ... Dropdown Format menus.
Need help navigating Outlook? Use these shortcuts.
Just need some space? These shortcuts get you the space you need without traipsing through dialog boxes or ribbons.
Switch between your active Excel windows, or minimize and maximize, more easily with these shortcuts.
Draw a box around what you want to capture ... Change a page title quickly ... Create "notebook paper" ruled lines on your page.
Tweak the font sizes in a placeholder or object... Use the Font Dialog box to change all your fonts at once ... Quickly enter or edit text inside an object.
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