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Business Management Daily has long been a premier online resource featuring the best, most-insightful articles and information on best-practices leadership, people management, human resources, employment law, administrative professionals, office management, office communication and office technology.

Our expert writers, editors, bloggers and contributors are seasoned veterans with years of practical experience. Their articles contain actionable, powerful proven tips that get results

News media interested in arranging an interview with one of our editors or seeking more information about any of our business newsletters, should contact media relations at editor@BusinessManagementDaily.com.

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Business Management Daily announces that it has acquired the newsletter Negotiation Briefings from Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation (PON).

Business Management Daily announces the launch of its new service Business Management Digest, a monthly PDF bulletin for decision-makers. This new publication is a monthly four-page printable and searchable training PDF. In each issue of this new publication, Business Management Daily’s editors apply a laser-like focus to their most requested topics and training, so you can quickly discover solutions to every problem that can arise in your organization—without getting bogged down by the puff pieces, click bait and ads that other publications bombard you with.

Business Management Daily is excited to announce that next week (Oct. 5-9) is the sixth annual HR Professionals Week. During this special event, the publishing company will be giving away gifts to help human resources professionals stay up to date with the latest employment laws and strengthen their skills. These giveaways include special reports, checklists and forms that are packed with information that HR pros need to be the best at their jobs and ensure their organizations are in legal compliance.

In the weeks leading up to Be a Better Leader Week, we conducted a survey asking readers to imagine they are the CEO of an organization that launches a major product complete with a national advertising campaign, and two weeks in, a critical flaw in the product turns customers across the country against it, resulting in some seriously rough headlines. We asked our readers what they would say to inspire and generate passion among their employees to move forward after this wipeout — and only gave them 50 words to do it. Here are a few of our favorite responses—and the winning response.

Imagine your organization launches a major product complete with a national advertising campaign — and two weeks in, a critical flaw in the product turns customers across the country against it, resulting in some seriously rough headlines. That’s what we asked our readers in a recent survey in preparation of Be a Better Leader Week. We told them to imagine they are the CEO of this organization, and they must now stand in front of all of their employees and fire them up after this wipeout. We asked survey respondents what they would say to inspire and generate passion among their employees to move forward — and only gave them 50 words to do it. Here are some of the best responses from our readers.

If you’re an administrative professional, you’re the kind of person everyone’s always looking to for help. You’re the “go-to” professional to solve problems, answer questions and get things done. Your job involves a variety of diverse responsibilities that keep you on your toes at all times. Administrative Professionals Week (April 20-24) is a great opportunity for organizations to recognize their admins for all of the effort they put into ensuring office operations run smoothly.
Business Management Daily and The HR Specialist announce that DLA Piper, the world’s largest law firm, will present at their 2nd annual Obamacare Summit and the 11th annual Employment Law Advanced Practices (LEAP) Conference in April.
Administrative professionals play a vital role in the success of the organizations they work for. Fortunately, there are many online resources that admins can take advantage of to help them strengthen their professional skills and become more productive at work. Last year, Business Management Daily published an article on the top 10 favorite go-to online […]

A big thanks to everyone who participated in our Administrative Professionals Week celebration. Let us know on the Admin Pro Forum how you were recognized for all your hard work. Below are the winning responses—and a few of our other favorites—to our survey about your amazing team of admins.

In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for human resources professionals who keep up to date with the continuously changing employment laws and have top HR management skills. Online degrees and certificates are extremely helpful to busy HR pros who want to boost their skills and become even more of an asset to their organizations, or professionals who would like to start a career in human resources.
The human resources editors at Business Management Daily have chosen their top five favorite resources that they think are the most helpful for HR professionals to use regularly in order to stay current on extremely important employment laws.
“Thanks for applying, wish you hadn’t!” That’s what many of Business Management Daily’s HR professional readers said when they had to go through the process of interviewing applicants and selecting new employees. Some have interviewed applicants who did or said things completely inappropriate for an interview. Some readers have even hired an applicant who, instead of being a great fit for the job, sent the HR pro into damage control mode after the new employee caused more problems than he or she was worth.
Office professionals are increasingly taking on new tasks to boost their organizations’ productivity — in other words, they are working harder. And it’s easier to make errors with an increased workload. That’s why it’s absolutely essential for these professionals to stay organized and ensure they are complying with the law when it comes to record retention.

To determine some of the most popular online training resources, Business Management Daily asked LinkedIn members to provide their favorite go-to training websites that help them build skills for their careers. Here are the top five training resources on the web provided by LinkedIn group members.

This Microsoft program doesn’t have to be such a frustrating application. Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel will teach you the secrets the experts use to quickly create professional and effective charts and graphs with Excel in the video recording 'Creating Excel Charts & Graphs.' Business Management Daily is offering this video for FREE throughout May to help professionals improve their Excel skills. Not only will Melissa show you the "how to" but also the "why" of different chart and graph types and techniques, as well as what tools are available.

Administrative professionals are essential to the success of many organizations. They keep companies operating smoothly by taking on a variety of diverse responsibilities, including maintaining records, delivering correspondence and answering phones. Administrative Professionals Week, April 22-26, celebrates this hard work and dedication that admins put into their jobs. During this week, Business Management Daily will offer giveaways to recognize the efforts of admins at work.

Business Management Daily has announced the launch of free informational video content on its website. The publishing company has added a weekly featured video to its homepage, as well as a video web page at www.BusinessManagementDaily.com/Videos that includes categories for admins, human resources, leadership and office technology.

Business Management Daily asked its admin readers in discussions on several LinkedIn groups to list their favorite resources that help them with their careers. Here are 10 of the most popular go-to resources recommended by administrative professionals on LinkedIn.
You can learn the tips and tricks that pros use to optimize their time with Business Management Daily's 'Microsoft Excel 2010: Time-Savers for Every Skill Level.' We're offering this informative executive summary FREE for a limited time to show professionals the Excel features they need to make their software jump through hoops with less time and effort than they ever thought possible. This popular guide to Excel, which is presented by Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel, normally costs $39.95.

Business Management Daily is offering an informative video recording to help business professionals save time and skyrocket their productivity. '25 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know … & How to Use Them' will teach professionals the keyboard shortcuts they need to cut down on the number of errors they would otherwise make by typing the same thing over and over again. Business Management Daily is offering this video recording FREE for a limited time.

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