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Are Your Employees Engaged?

Are Your Employees Engaged?

Jathan Janove is Principal of Janove Organization Solutions, http://www.jathanjanove.com. Through consulting, executive coaching and training, he works with employers to create fully engaged workplace cultures.

Jathan is an internationally published author who has written Managing to Stay Out of Court: How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of Mismanagement, which the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey described as “Marvelous! Every manager will benefit immensely,” and which Richard Drezen of The Washington Post described as “an extraordinarily useful book for managers and workers.” Jathan is also author of The Star Profile: A Management Tool to Unleash Employee Potential, which won a Gold Medal in Business at Book Expo America 2009.

His latest book is Hard-Won Wisdom: True Stories From The Management Trenches. NYT bestselling author and world-renowned executive coach Marshall Goldsmith states, “Read this insightful book. It contains compelling stories with specific, actionable advice that will help anyone’s career.” NYT bestselling author Daniel H. Pink states, “By sharing many of his best stories and experiences, Jathan Janove creates a shortcut for us to the knowledge needed to become an empathetic, effective leader in the workplace.”

Jathan is also the president of the Organization Development Network of Oregon.

If you’d like to receive Jathan’s biweekly e-letter (stories, best-practices tips and selected video clips), please sign up here: http://eepurl.com/LvQ7X.

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Rev. Violet Little is Pastor and Founder of The Welcome Church, which serves impoverished people on the streets of Philadelphia. Read my interview with her…
The Community Consulting Project (CCP) is part of the Organization Development Network of Oregon. On a pro bono basis, it helps nonprofit organizations with leadership, strategic planning and other organization development goals. Its core team members are Dan Vetter, Jen Birk, Sarah Groshell, Tom Robertson and Dave Moyle.
Jacob Spilman has been a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Employee Assistance Professional in private practice in Portland Oregon since 2001. He specializes in working with executives and middle managers, providing career coaching and skill development. Here’s my interview with him …
You call your business “Creating Sustainability.” What does this entail? I provide Organizational Development consulting to help organizations and their people achieve and surpass their objectives. I emphasize “creating” because going beyond business as usual taps into unrealized potential. I embrace multiple meanings of “sustainability,” ranging from long-term survival of a business to eco-friendliness. I […]
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw To listen effectively, hear with your EAR. The EAR Method of Listening E stands for “Explore.” A stands for “Acknowledge.” R stands for “Respond.” It’s three steps in sequence. Start by exploring the other person’s position. Use open-ended […]
Gary Langenwalter is a consultant with the Portland Consulting Group. In this interview, he makes the case for Lean’s continuing relevance. Jathan Janove: What is “Lean”? Gary Langenwalter: Lean is a way of thinking that focuses first on the customer instead of our own bottom line. Lean asks the question, “What adds value to our […]
The United States has roughly 5% of the world’s population, but has almost 25% of the world’s prison population. Every year, the U.S. releases 700,000 men and women into society where they’re expected to find housing, jobs and live stable, law-abiding lives. However, despite a shrinking workforce in the U.S., one of the biggest challenges […]
As an executive coach and organization development (OD) consultant, I rely heavily on assessment work. Assessment tools come in all shapes, sizes, complexities and approaches. Here’s my favorite: The 3-3-1 Assessment developed by Marshall Goldsmith for Stakeholder-Centered Coaching. The 3-3-1 consists of asking the following questions: What are the leader’s three biggest strengths? What three […]
Glen Fahs is an independent Organization Development consultant with expertise in resiliency and organizational culture. In this interview, he provides advice for organizations engaged in or desiring to engage in strategic planning. Jathan Janove: What’s your definition of strategic planning? Glen Fahs: It’s different from business planning. Strategic planning (SP) is a process of determining […]
Sally Helgesen is an author, speaker and leadership consultant. For 28 years, she has helped develop women leaders throughout the world. With Marshall Goldsmith, she co-authored the new book, How Women Rise. Jathan Janove: What inspired this book? Sally Helgesen: For many years, I had been conducting women leadership programs using Marshall Goldsmith’s book What […]
Alisa Blum is Principal Consultant at Alisa Blum & Associates, specializing in helping organizations to develop and keep a high-achieving workforce. Information about their programs and services can be found at www.developtopemployees.com. In this interview, she provides tips and advice on how to create environments where millennials thrive, and help their employers thrive. Jathan Janove: […]
As founding partner of Spector & Associates, Helen Spector is an organization development consultant, coach and facilitator. In this interview, she describes her work in helping organizations, communities, teams and individuals build their capacity over time. Jathan Janove: What do you mean by “capacity building?” Helen Spector: The capacity of an organization, community, person or […]
Monica Austen is an attorney who practiced discrimination law in Los Angeles. She also served as head of investigations for the Utah Antidiscrimination & Labor Division. Most recently, she worked for Kaiser Permanente as a manager of its EEO Investigators in Southern California and also conducted investigations. In this interview, she shares insights and experiences […]

Confounded by email? Tortured by your “to-do” list? Procrastinating on everything but procrastination? If so, I recommend reading 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by New York Times bestselling author Kevin Kruse. In relatively few pages, it contains many tips from highly successful organization leaders, athletes and other super-achievers.

Most boss-employee relationships are transactional, trading time for money: “Follow my orders and you’ll keep getting paid.” Or, “I put in my time/follow the rules and get my pay.” These relationships may “survive,” but they don’t “thrive.” Bosses are “managing,” but they’re not “leading.” That is a missed opportunity for both employees and employers …

Donald S. Prophete is a named partner in Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP. He represents clients in complex and multi-plaintiff race employment discrimination cases and has handled many high-profile and high-damage cases in the sports, military contractor and retail industries. Read my interview with him …

Heather A. Owen is a partner in Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP. She is board certified in labor and employment law in Florida and has counseled and successfully defended employers in all areas of employment law. She will be presenting at the HR Specialist Summit in Las Vegas in September. Read my interview with her …

Isaac E. Dixon, PhD., SPHR-SCP is the Associate Vice President for Human Resources at Portland State University. PSU is an institution of 27,000 students and 6,400 faculty, staff and student employees with six collective bargaining units. Isaac has also worked in the private sector for organizations such as NIKE, GE Capital and Providence Health and Services. Read my interview with him …

Kevin Kruse is an Inc 500 entrepreneur and Best Place to Work winner. He is a New York Times bestselling author of six books, including Employee Engagement 2.0. His newest company, LEADx.org, offers leadership training and professional development to anyone, at any time, free of charge. Read my interview with him …

For much of her career, Marilyn Nagel has worked in both the diversity and learning & development fields. Formerly Chief Diversity Officer for Cisco Systems, Inc., she currently serves as co-founder and Chief Mission Officer for NQuotient, which helps women in business create and leverage networks to assist their career growth and development.

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