Use consistent interview questions to ensure fairness in hiring and promotions

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Here’s another reason to create a fair, impartial and consistent interview process: Your ultimate decision on who is hired or promoted is more likely to withstand legal scrutiny if you can show that each candidate interviewed faced the same questions and that each candidate’s performance was assessed by more than one interviewer.

For each potential hiring or promotion decision, consult the job description and create a list of interview questions. Then come up with the preferred answer to each question. Next, ask each candidate the same questions and note how closely those answers match the prepared ones.

Then hire the individual with the highest score.

Recent case: Rodolfo is a Mexican-American man who worked as an employment discrimination investigator for the Texas Workforce Commission. Another Mexican-American man initially hired Rodolfo, in part because he spoke Spanish.

At the time he initially applied, Rodolfo’s résumé...(register to read more)

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