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The 5 most dangerous legal mistakes HR makes

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in Human Resources,Videos

If you work in human resources, you carry a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. But one small, simple misstep by HR or supervisors could cost your company hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars.

So what are the biggest HR legal risks to be aware of?  Here are our top 5:

#1 The hiring process: Mistakes in this area often start right at the beginning, with discriminatory words dropped in your want ads. Too many employers still use terms like “recent college grad” in their advertisements. This is particularly true when managers, rather than HR, write those ads.

Also, make sure everyone involved in interviewing knows not to ask about the applicant’s personal characteristics, such as age, race, gender, pregnancy or disability status. Asking such questions is essentially begging for a discrimination lawsuit. Keep every question based around one point — “How good would this person be at performing the job?”

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