Be patient and scrupulously fair when dealing with litigious employee who has complained

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Employers will win in the long run if they exercise restraint and use patience when dealing with an employee who clearly is looking for a lawsuit.

It will take work. You may have to document everything relating to the employee’s performance. Never reject out of hand his application for a promotion. Instead, treat him just as you would any other candidate. But, if he breaks company rules, take action.

Recent case: Ellis Barber, who is black, worked as an instructor at a truck driver training school. At one point, Barber’s wife also went to work for the school. She was terminated during her first year and filed an EEOC discrimination complaint that was eventually dismissed.

Barber then applied for a promotion to campus director. Also throwing her hat in the ring was an employee from another campus. She and Barber both met the minimum requirements for the job and were invited to interview.

At one point, Barber apparently told a...(register to read more)

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