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Policy on tattoos and piercings?

by on
in The HR Specialist Forum

Question: "After we hired someone, we found out that she had a snake tattoo down her arm. Plus, she's now wearing a tongue ring which she did not have in when we interviewed her. My question is: Can we ask her to remove the tongue piercing during working hours and wear a long sleeve blouse or sweater to cover the tattoo while she is at work?" -- Faye, PA

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Ron Cipriano November 27, 2012 at 3:18 pm

Yes you can.. I am in the real estate business ( property mgt) We own over 6,000 units country wide . And in our guidelines it is written ” no” tats or piercings.. Our HR people durning interview explain the culture and environment of our business..


Chenoa Block April 25, 2011 at 4:22 pm

I realize this post went dead a long time ago but I thought I would add my two cents just in case someone else stumbled upon it like I did. I am a heavily tattooed woman in the workforce and I believe it is completely fair for you to ask your employees to cover their tattoos in a professional setting. I looked long and hard to ensure I bought oxford shirts and slacks that did not reveal my tattoos to the customer. Furthermore, I am completely honest with hiring employers and do not try and hide my tattoos from them. I feel that I am skilled enough that it should not be a consideration during hiring but at the same time understand that when I got them I was taking a risk where employment is concerned. I hope this helps future employees make the decision. I would rather be asked to cover my tattoos that to be fired unfairly.


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