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Question: Two of my managers come to my desk frequently and read my computer screen and anything else within view of my desk. I do not report to either one. They both report to my boss, who is the department head.

One manager is somewhat harmless, and overly friendly; the other is often looking for information to either use to someone's disadvantage or he is trying to stay in the loop where he used to occupy a more prominent position. He was seen rummaging through other people's trash some time ago, and I suspect he checks over my desk when he is in the office alone.

How can I stop the trash-rummaging manager, and what can I do about the overly friendly manager?  -- Anonymous


As someone whose desk is used by roaming employees, I have learned to lock everything away in a special file cabinet - any loose papers, calendars, personal items, etc - when ...(register to read more)

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