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Question: I work in a small office with about 17 people.  We have a kitchen in our office with a microwave, refrigerator and toaster oven.  It has come to our attention that some  of the kitchen odors are offensive to other co-workers and clients who may be in the office for a meeting.  Even with the kitchen door closed, the odor permeates the office. In particular, onions and garlic were mentioned, but really, any strong odors would fall into this category. 

It has been requested that a memo go out to everyone asking them not to eat things that have onions or garlic.  My question is : How do you limit what employees can eat and how do you determine what odor is permitted and what is not?  A lot of people bring leftover meals rather than going out to lunch for the sake of saving time and money, so this may create a problem for some. 

I'd love to hear suggestions or if anyone has gone through a similar situ...(register to read more)

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