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Ways to boost employee morale

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Question: First of all, let me thank all of those who have given me advice in the past. My frustrations have finally been solved. All this time, I thought no one cared how hard I work and I'm awaiting an official promotion to another department.

So, keep up the hard work, everyone. Someone is always paying attention to our dedicated work ethic.

Secondly, my manager wants to boost the employee morale around here and she needs some ideas. We thought some kind of employee get-together may help. Any suggestions?  -- Anonymous


Way to go on your promotion! Congrats!!
As for some type of get-together, I am assuming this will be soemthing you'll do during the work day. In the past we have done ice cream sundaes with all types of toppings and flavors of ice cream, waffle breakfasts, etc. My director also does an annual Easter Egg Hunt where he hides eggs for us. ...(register to read more)

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Sarah August 9, 2011 at 10:18 am

All the above ideas are good but all of them fall short when it is obvious that the manager really doesn’t care about his/her employees. I work for an organization that does all of those things. We have ice cream socials, there is an employee reward program, they have a bowling event, and a Christmas event for families. But the reality every day at work is that managers yell at employees in meetings. Anyone who puts forward an idea that doesn’t match the President’s pre-conceived fix for a problem is belittled. And it appears it is too much for most of the management team to even say a simple ‘hello’ to the staff when they pass them on the sidewalk.

To me the best way to improve employee morale, is to use the little social graces of saying “hello”, thanking people for a job well done, and showing respect for your employees and mean it.


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