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Question: I have a co-worker who wears trashy clothing to work almost every day. Even when she tries her hardest to dress professionally, she still looks horrible because her skirts are too short, her pants are too tight, and most of her shirts show her tattoos.

We work with mostly men, and they all make fun of her behind her back, calling her names and ridiculing her.

Her boss has addressed this issue but it hasn’t seemed to help. I have a pretty descent relationship with her, and everyone in the office knows me as the woman who tells it like it is. Should I tell her she is committing career suicide by dressing the way she dose?

Please help.  -- Mandy


I would (delicately) tell her that her work apparel is not appropriate. Possibly make a few recommendations and offer to go shopping with her.

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Emely November 20, 2010 at 6:55 am

how to apologize to my supervisor if i was wearing inappropriate attire to work?


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