Can I undo a major 'oops'?

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Question: I am a notary public and I was asked by my new boss to sign some legal documents for the sale of his home. I accidentally entered the wrong expiration date for my commission and need to know if I can just change the year, which is what I messed up, and initial it. Will those documents still be legal?

Has anyone else done this, or am I just a scatterbrain? I just received my commission a couple of months ago so I am new to this. Help!  -- Anonymous



All you need to do is line through it and put in the correct date and initial it. Never use white out or any other coverup. Just line through and initial with the correction.


Valerie's comment is spot-on. Consider any changes as you would changes to a personal check - line out and initial. L...(register to read more)

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