How should I approach the boss about my overdue raise?

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Question: “Earlier this year, my boss promised me a salary increase by midyear. When I reminded him, he said he'd forgotten … and then did nothing. (Other employees have had similar issues with him.) How should I approach him about honoring his promise? This is putting a strain on our working relationship!” — Judy, Minneapolis


1)Schedule an appointment with your boss.
If he/she asks, be specific about the reason for the appointment: salary increase due based on performance.
2) Let your supervisor/boss know that it's important to you that he follow through with what he promised you. He/She needs to respect and value you as an employee.
3)Be prepared. Know a dollar amount (specific) that you believe you deserve and be ready to support it with a bried list of accomplishments and goals met.

p.s. If he/she cancels for any reason, reschedule appointment for near...(register to read more)

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