Doing the work, but no recognition, now what?

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Question: “I work in a department that is divided into teams. I am the department administrative assistant, supporting about 25 people. The department celebrated a project completion where everyone on the team received a project completion gift, which included everyone in my department. I didn’t work directly on the project but did a lot of administrative tasks. I didn’t receive a gift, which is fine, but my boss invited everyone to the conference room to present the gifts and acknowledge a successful project completion – but me. He left me at my desk and didn’t invite me to be a part of the celebration. Is it wrong to feel left out and not a part of the team?” — Ann Harris


That is wrong. You are an important member of that team and the project would not have been successful without YOU! If you truly did not have any input then I would say the boss should have at...(register to read more)

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Amjid March 21, 2011 at 8:38 am

Hi same thing happened to me. I am a training officer who worked hard to ensure all delegates completed the NVQ in teamleading level 2 and when the ceremony for the awards came, every one of the candidates had photos taken and then the Head of HR who is my boss joined them in the photos, but did not even ask for me to come into photos…no recognition for me and I was left to help with the food.


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