Does your company have a funeral leave policy?

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Question: “I work for a major company in my industry and, of course, benefits have changed over the past few years. Our funeral leave policy grants three days’ leave for immediate family members. However, the old policy allowed one day for aunts, uncles and spouse’s grandparents. Co-workers have trouble understanding that the definition of ‘benefit’ means that the company is not obligated to give us anything. Does your company have a funeral leave policy? I think my company’s policy is really good, and I would like some data to show others.” — Tired of Whining


Our company used to have a 3 day cap for bereavement for each year, and employees were required to use their leave. Now, employees are still required to use vacation or sick leave for funeral/bereavement purposes, but they are no longer capped at 3 days per year.

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