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Restroom etiquette? Whatever happened to “clean up after yourself”?

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Question: “I am an admin for a major corporation (group of 100 people, 75 % women). In addition, I am the facilities coordinator for two floors.  My problem is how to address the sensitive issue regarding the condition of the ladies’ room (and I have had complaints about the men's room, too).  I have tried to address the issue with notices (even those posted by the property management company) with no success.  I'm beginning to think it will never have an impact on the junior-high mentality! I would appreciate any advice.” — Jayne Pease


Ok... thats just gross... people who don't clean up after themselves... time to take them for a tour of the restroom... ask them if they live like that at home...
I get tired of cleaning up our breakroom and kitchen... told one of the ladies I work with if coffee cups continue to be left dirty in the sink, I would start thro...(register to read more)

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Fixer February 4, 2009 at 5:16 pm

My office recently encountered the “cleaning bathrooms” issue. The following email message was sent to all staff members and seemed to get the message across in a positive way: “Please remember to observe proper measures and assure that unisex restroom facilities are left sanitary and gender-neutral after each use. Thanks very much for your cooperation.”


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