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Surveys of U.S. workers consistently show that employees want more than a paycheck from their jobs—they want to feel safe, secure and appreciated at work.

Good recognition and rewards provide employees with three things:

  • A fair return for their efforts.
  • Motivation to maintain and improve their performance.
  • A clarification of what behaviors and outcomes the organization values.

Here are eight guidelines for recognizing and rewarding employees, according to an Adecco management report, that managers can use in their departments:

1. Specify reward criteria.
Too often, awards for things like “innovation,” “showing initiative” and “quality improvement” don’t define what employees need to do to win. Without that information, some employees will be stymied before they begin.

When a winner is announced, employees may attribute a co-worker’s success to favoritism or luck. So make the criteria for rewards...(register to read more)

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