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5 ways to handle the suck-up on your team

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Team Building

As flattering or convenient as it might be for a manager to have a sycophant on staff, the presence of such a person typically does more damage than good.

“A ‘yes-man’ who agrees with everything a manager says can be just as destructive as a disengaged employee who doesn’t say anything at all. Withholding information and saying exactly what a person wants to hear can do the same level of harm as neither get to the truth of the matter,” says Shane Metcalf, chief culture officer for 15Five.

Besides the employee failing to provide honest, useful feedback and unique ideas that help the company grow and prosper, the behavior can produce a toxic workplace. A staff gossiping about the “brown-noser” and evaluating how management reacts to “kissing up” isn’t focused on productivity and greater company issues. Colleagues may dismiss or question anything the person says and avoid collaboration, leading to a divisi...(register to read more)

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