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Employee goal setting: Strategies for the year ahead

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

Does the annual act of setting employee performance goals for the upcoming year generate more than a few groans from your staff? While some employees take the process seriously, others balk at the activity as “a waste of time” or “administrative garbage.” They whip something off and quickly forget what they even wrote down, which doesn’t benefit anyone.

So how can managers improve the odds of team members thoughtfully formulating goals and doing their best to reach them? Consider these strategies:

Make it personal

Workers sometimes concoct goals they believe will please their boss in order to check off the task and move on. And while the rhetoric may be good, the likelihood of substantial follow-through is low. Aim instead to encourage goals with personal significance.

“Most managers start with what they want: ‘Joe, by the end of next week, I need your goals for 2019,’” says Michael Wilkinson, managing ...(register to read more)

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