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Ride out the summer slide

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Along with warmer temps, summer ushers in a vibe to relax and live a little differently.

This aura can extend into the workplace, where team members out on vacation and present workers thinking about their weekend barbecues interfere with business as usual.

Managers walk a fine line during this period. They recognize the season promotes the rejuvenation everyone needs, but the company also must keep operations flowing in an orderly fashion. Fortunately, various ways exist to approach the matter.

An ounce of prevention

Proactive measures from the onset often keep problems from ever arising. Friendly, but informative, reminders clearly state expectations and provide a common reference if issues develop down the line.

For instance, vacation policies protect employers from ending up short-staffed when too many workers take off at the same time. Monitoring also prevents placing a heavy burden on remaining employees. An email...(register to read more)

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