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It happens to every manager: You sit down to prepare a staff member's review and realize you can remember only what the person has done the past few weeks. Or you allow only a single incident (good or bad) to color your assessment.

If you're relying solely on your memory to evaluate employee performance, you're making appraisals far more difficult than necessary. That's why it's best to institute a simple recording system to document employee performance.

The most useful, easy-to-implement way is to create and maintain a log for each person. Performance logs don't need to be complicated or sophisticated. They can simply be sheets of paper in a folder or files on your computer. Choose whatever means you're comfortable with.

The key is to establish a system that you will use regularly. No matter how you take notes, make sure to keep them confidential.

Recording performance: 6 tips

To begin the process, create a file for ...(register to read more)

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hostile work environment February 22, 2014 at 6:05 pm

I work for a government entity. The staff are vindictive and corrupt and they tend to bully and intimidate lower paying staff (clerical). Most do not speak up in fear of retaliation, but I do and this makes them retaliate more against me by lying about my customer service to my supervisor , my tone, my attitude…I have been threatened, harassed, called names, gotten threatening phone calls,my car scratched, had objects thrown at me etc..I reported every incident and documented it..yet they don’t do anything to them but they continuously call me in. You see I follow policy and procedure and they do not-nor do they have respect for management.. The morale is bad and staffs conduct worse. Management is aware of the culture of the department and the staffs conduct and has had several training, cabinet meetings, seminars, executive management come and speak to the entire department, they are even in the process of changing policies every time a staff does something…but the problem is they are NOT holding anyone accountable for not following policies…they blow it off! sooo since I am the stickler for following policies and they cant intimidate me I get the most complaints from staff. I have documented every incident and spoken to HR, OOD ( Dept. of Diversity) and NOTHING, upper management…I’m tired of getting called in and told someone did not like my tone etc..I also was told I am the common denominator even though they know the staff is not following policy…I don’t know what to do -I was told that if they have an investigation about me and my conduct and they call in people not one would have anything nice to say about me-because of their “Perception”…What about my perception and the bullying and abuse I have endured for over 6 years..we are losing staff because of this continuously and I have to pick up the slack of others work plus do mine and only get paid for my work but not the extra work. this is a witch hunt and how does one go about with this..how can they have an investigation knowingly the victim reports every incident…no matter what its them against me..please advise is this legal? Can they fire someone based on staffs “perceptions” (written or verbal)-what about my perceptions there are 2 sides to every story.. How am assumed as the “problem” when they know the entire department/staff is the problem -the culture as they claim…I have never been written up -I am a great employee, I show up on time,never late, don’t abuse my time off, my work is always complete before deadline etc…what is the problem help please…


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