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Summer flexible schedules: Fun for employees, payroll headaches for you

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Alice Gilman

by on
in Centerpiece,Office Management,Payroll Management

Well, it’s here. Again. Summer. Of the 2,800 employees and senior managers recently surveyed by the Robert Half staffing firm, 52% of employees want flexible schedules during the summer and another 27% want to leave early on Fridays.

The good news, if you’re an employee: 54% of the managers surveyed say their companies allow flexible scheduling during the summer and 32% allow employees to leave early on Fridays.

Can you say wage-and-hour headaches?

Then there are just plain, old payroll headaches that arise with summer hires.

Flex it or forget it

Flextime only becomes a problem if employees aren’t paid on the basis of a weekly pay period. Unfortunately for you, most employees aren’t. Since the Fair Labor Standards Act is strict on workweeks, your only choice is to limit nonexempts’ flexible schedules to a workweek basis.

Remember: You can’t average nonexempts’ hours over more than one workweek.

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