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Overwhelmed? Organize work with this basic tool that rarely fails

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Linda Wojtowick

by on
in Centerpiece,Office Management,Office Organizer

Consider this a reminder that when things get hectic, there’s one friend you can always rely on to help you organize work. It’s the humble checklist.

Many of us rely on them in one way or another, whether it’s a mess of sticky notes fixed to your monitor, reminders on your Outlook calendar or some lines in your phone’s memo app. Though technology may have changed the way we use them, they’re still indispensable. Could anything, really, ever replace the checklist as a tool?

On National Public Radio’s Hidden Brain podcast, recent and historical examples of checklist miracles in high-stress professions showed how valuable this tool is.

In 1935, the Boeing 299 crashed. Upon investigation into the cause, it was found that the experienced, well-trained crew had simply forgotten to unlock an interior elevator lock. The military began to explore and implement checklists. It was gradually found that incompetence wasn...(register to read more)

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