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The aging workforce: Give older workers a boost and avoid age discrimination

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John Wilcox

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in Centerpiece,HR Management,Human Resources

The aging workforce continues to grow. How you manage them should be top of mind.

Clara Burns, partner at Kemp Smith LLP, points out that the institutional knowledge and experience that older workers possess—skills honed in the rough arena of cold business reality—are invaluable. She reveals how to give these employees what they really want, while making sure they still give you their all:

1. Eliminate old thinking about the timing of retirement. Age 65—what’s that? An arbitrary number, perhaps even an unrealistic one. We’re staying healthier longer, and yes, our expenses seem to keep climbing. Embrace the notion of “phased retirement,” in which a pre-retiree is invited to reduce his or her workload over an extended stretch of time.

2. Give them a chance to mentor. Mentoring is an expression of appreciation and respect for a valued employee, a chance to rekindle enthusiasm that might be fading and a good...(register to read more)

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