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Teamwork: myths, realities and tips

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Cal Butera

by on
in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Office Communication,People Management,Workplace Communication

Preparation is key to building a top-flight team, whether it’s with three people or several dozen. And one of the first issues to address is separating teamwork fact from fiction.

You’ll find it easier to get everyone to buy into the teamwork concept by throwing out old myths about building teams.

Here are three myths and the realities behind them, with tips to work around each:

Myth #1: If employees are getting along well they are practicing good teamwork.

Reality: How well your employees get along is not the true test of good teamwork. In order for teamwork to be effective, employees must be willing to have honest discussions about job assignments and be willing to accept challenges, changes and compromise. Congeniality should never be confused with productive collaboration. Team members should be able to disagree with one another without embarrassment or the fear of starting a petty fight.

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