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5 ways to stifle innovation at your company

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

by Steven L. Blue

Innovation is difficult to come by. It is a fleeting concept that eludes most companies. In fact, the odds of a new product idea reaching full commercialization are less than 4%. And that is the best case. But, there are 5 sure-fire ways you can make certain innovation never sees the light of day at your company:

1. Don’t make innovation a top priority and an “all-hands” job requirement

Many CEOs want innovation but only after “the real work” gets done. Here is a news flash: If you want to survive you better make innovation “the real work.” How do you do that? By writing it into every job description. By rewarding and recognizing people who innovate. And yes, by asking people to leave if they don’t.

2. Don’t give people the training they need to innovate

Studies have debunked the myth that you are either born an Einstein or you’re not. The truth is everyone can be creative if they...(register to read more)

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