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Why humanizing your business drives profitability

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Jon Gornstein

by on
in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

Since the mid-1990s, many executives from multinational companies have recognized a connection between a successful bottom line and treating employees more like valued human beings. Yet, the reality is there is often a disconnect between the vision and the outcomes.

In an increasingly digital and impersonal environment, workers are becoming more disengaged and consequently less focused and productive. Reversing the trend requires a recommitment to building a culture that honors and respects employees as individuals who have a variety of wants and needs. Whether in customer service, human resources, marketing, finance, operations or administration, employees touch all facets of a corporation internally and externally. A company culture truly focused on its people is the foundation for driving sustained success.

Employer-employee disconnects

It’s no surprise that technology is contributing to a society of disengaged and...(register to read more)

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