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Are you obligated to investigate before firing? For at-will employees, you have discretion

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in Firing,HR Management,Human Resources

What kind of investigation, if any, is required before an employer can fire a worker for what it believes is some kind of misconduct?

Some employees have argued that both California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act and common law require a careful investigation before an employer can take action against a worker. But that turns out to be quite a limited right.

Recent case: Orlando worked for many years at Friendship House, a San Francisco drug treatment center. Several members of his family worked there, too. His wife was a counselor. His mother-in-law had started as a volunteer at age 19 and eventually became CEO of Friendship House. Orlando was the second-most senior manager and a high-performing employee.

Then Orlando and his wife started having marital problems. His wife called her mother, the CEO, and reported that Orlando had a weapon and was angry at fellow employees. Plus, she claimed Orlando had relapsed on dr...(register to read more)

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