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The 4 birds in your workplace: Which one are you?

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in Office Politics,Workplace Communication

Learn which “birds” work with you—and what you can do to get along with them:

Eagles. They tend to be dominant, direct and assertive. They’re motivated by results and achievement, and they crave control. They have a tendency to become agitated or aggressive, and they expect people to work as hard as they do. Respond quickly to them and act quickly when you can.

Parrots. They’re outgoing and talkative. They are motivated by positivity, open communication and teamwork. They tend to verbalize everything and, especially when stressed, they can go on the attack. Be prepared to talk issues through with them.

Doves. They’re easygoing and amiable and they see both sides of every argument. They want time to focus and think through a task or problem. If they’re stressed, they’ll often hide or take a passive-aggressive approach to avoid conflicts, so address issues head on.

Owls. They’re precise, analytical and detail-oriented. They avoid conflict by being vague or hyper-analytical to stall. Be crystal clear about expectations and deadlines.

— Adapted from “Workplace psychology test: Are you a Dove, an Eagle, an Owl or a Parrot?,” Kate Savage, www.news.com.au.

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