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Create Word forms that are easy to fill out

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in Centerpiece,Office Technology,Word Tips

You’ve probably received forms created in Word that are meant to be filled out and sent back. Sometimes, it’s so time consuming to get the document to “behave,” you end up printing it out, completing it in ink, and returning it to the sender as a scan.  Here are a few techniques to make your forms, form-filler-friendly.

Start with Tables

When filling out forms, most people find boxes very helpful. So, start with a Table to give your form overall structure. From the Insert tab, click the Table button and select a starting number of columns and rows. You can always add more later. Create at least two columns, one for the field name and one in which to allow the filler to type his response.

Use borders

Instead of typing repeated underscores to get signature lines and the like, use a table, but customize the borders. Either on the Table Tools Design tab or on the Home tab in the Paragraph Group, you’ll see a Borders button (smal...(register to read more)

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