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Make sure handbook includes rules on off-the-clock work, missed break time

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in Human Resources,Overtime Labor Laws

Your handbook can be your first line of defense against class-action lawsuits. Be sure yours carefully outlines that you don’t want employees to work off-the-clock, put in unauthorized overtime or miss their state-mandated meal and break periods.

Then include management policies that help ensure supervisors follow the rules.

With strong policies, employees (and their lawyers) will find it much harder to mount class-action wage-and-hour lawsuits. That’s because employees have to show that a common policy or practice was responsible for wage-and-hour violations.

For example, a worker seeking class certification has to show not only that she wasn’t paid for work she performed, but that all or most of her fellow workers were also underpaid. That becomes very difficult when company policy prohibits such practices and most managers follow the policy.

Recent case: A small group of current and former California Pizza Kitchen workers...(register to read more)

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