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Rethink using social media to learn about job candidates

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in Hiring,Human Resources

by Christina Fong

An HR professional would never ask a job candidate to reveal his or her religion, political leanings or sexual preference, knowing it is illegal to probe for that information or take it into consideration when hiring. But if you are checking out job applicants by looking at their blogs and social media sites, you are likely to learn those personal details.

Once you know someone is a Muslim or Christian, or gay or straight, can you stop your own biases from influencing whether you offer that applicant a job?

The EEOC has cautioned of the risks associated with searching online for applicants’ protected characteristics. Some states have even drafted bills limiting employers’ ability to access candidates’ online information.

In fact, only a minority of surveyed employers admit to actually researching candidates online. Still, some do.

Social media affects decisions

In an experiment I conducted with my Carnegie ...(register to read more)

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