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Performance reviews: 12 pitfalls to avoid

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

employee performance reviewYou know the drill. An employee’s evaluation meeting is approaching and you’re all set. You’ve got your detailed notes, you’ve set the time, reserved the room. You’ll establish the tone, show respect and steer the conversation.

But here's a list of common traps that can trip up even the most-prepared manager. Such blunders can not only deflate the morale of an employee, but also plant the seeds for a lawsuit down the road.

  1. Using stereotypes rather than first-hand observations (e.g., rating male em­­ployees higher than female employees in leadership skills based on gender alone).
  2. Letting personal feelings influence the assessment (e.g., rating employees favorably because they are friendly with the manager outside of work; rating em­­ployees poorly because they’ve previously butted heads with the manager).
  3. Rating all employees as average. Taking the easy way out will ultimately drive away top performers and encourage poor per...(register to read more)

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